Why Buy? Insipred by the need for a more efficient and reliable ignition system for the Pinzgauer, we have created a drop-in solution for you! Read what the members of Real 4X4 have to say about PinzSSI Look at what a new distributor would cost vs. a complete PinzSSI ignition system!




An engine with an electric fuel pump and PinzSSI,
starting for the first time in 2 weeks
  • The PinzSSI ignition system contains a patented module that offers extreme stability, which means smoother running, less hesitation, and longer engine life. See the above animation that shows a comparison between a magnetic Hall-effect ignition (Pertronix, for example) versus the optical pickup used with this system. Combustion gasses burn with microsecond timing, so optimum power and efficiency can be achieved by this precision.
  • The PinzSSI gives 3 sparks per power stroke, once at the pre-set advance, then 2 more sparks spaced 7 degrees apart, which helps to ensure more complete combustion. The exhaust could sound different due to this, depending on the condition of your engine and how well the carburation is set.
  • With no mechanical weights or springs, all advance timing is controlled electronically. The OEM rev limiter is taken out of the circuit when this kit is installed, so a 4500 rev limiter is programmed into the module.
  • The PinzSSI is energized only when crank rotation is sensed. This built-in protection eliminates the possibility of coil heating, ignition damage, and battery drain.
  • The ignition module is basically a crank sensor in the camshaft position. The system uses a waste-spark program which fires near TDC every time in every cylinder. This makes setting the timing very easy, and you only have to do this once. Just position the pulley timing mark at the pointer, which is 0 degrees advance, or TDC, and rotate the module until the LED turns on. That's it! You can even remove and rotate the module 180 degrees if necessary to facilitate installation and still be spot-on with the timing.
  • Any electronic tachometer will work with PinzSSI. The module is programmed for one pulse per crankshaft revolution by default, you will have to adjust you tach accordingly per manufacturer's instructions.
  • PinzSSI uses a dual-core bobbin coil design that allows instant ramp-up time for multiple firing at all RPM ranges. Low end torque is increased, which is a huge benefit to the Pinzgauer engine design.
  • The kit is easy to install. Step-by-step instructions are included.
  • Included as an added free bonus with the ignition system is a digital version of the Pinzgauer Repair Manual and the Pinzgauer Parts List!
  • All metal fabricated parts are finished in Olive Drab powder coating.
  • 6 month warranty on all parts.
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