Unimog Electronic Ignition System

An electronic ignition system is now available for the Unimog. Based on the same platform as the highly successful PinzSSI electronic ignition, the UnimogSSI uses 3 individual coils, each delivering 3 sparks to each cylinder at the TDC position of the compression and exhaust stroke. This ensures better combustion, smoother acceleration, better starting and idle. Installing the system requires standard tools. No cutting, drilling, or modification to the electrical system. This is a drop-in replacement for the original ignition system. All parts needed to convert your truck to UnimogSSI are included! You get a 14 day guarantee that your Unimog will run better or get a full refund- no questions asked. All parts carry a 6-month warranty. Order yours today, $695 delivered within the USA, $775 for International sales. Questions? Email them to pinzssi@outlook.com

Unimog Installation Instructions
Unimog Read First

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