Testimonials "Just a quick email to say I received the parts last week and fitted them last weekend. Took about an hour taking my time, and she fired up straight away. Running better than ever, great throttle response and running much much better." Mark, Scotland
"The unit has been working really well without fault. Having said that, cold and hot starting is definitely better, it picks up better with less lag or flat spot and generally just runs better. It always comes back to a more consistent and reliable idle too, so I'm really happy with it, thanks." Ian, Tasmania
“I went into this project with no experience with ignition systems other than changing spark plugs. I am impressed with how straight forward this install was. Also, the customer service is of the highest caliber. No question was too small and was always quickly answered. As for the PinzSSI system, I can't believe how great my Pinz runs now. It starts up without the choke now. The throttle response is night and day from the old system. On hills, I have consistent power. My confidence in my Pinz is at an all-time high!” Khan, New Jersey
“Idles like a dream, responds quickly, and was simple to install.” Andre, Texas
“The engine started right up and purrs like never before.” Paul, Wisconsin
“Just to let you know we fitted the ignition system today and the 712 fired up straight away and without choke on cold and wet day.” Gregor, England
Great instructions, product and price. Tim, Washington State
I am far from a skilled mechanic & I was a bit unsure about taking this project on. Turned out installation was pretty simple! As for performance – wow what a difference! Highlights include virtually NO choke use (previously, I ALWAYS had to use the choke to start the vehicle, and I live in Hawaii); more power; better gas mileage too! Harry, Hawaii
Really great product and great support! Mitchell, Idaho
Yeah, very pleased with the kit, install was great, actually a pleasure! Bob, Bulgaria
In my case, I feel like the installation of PinzSSI is like a new engine! Much better startup, smooth idle, smoother acceleration, reasonably decent speeds on the highway, etc. etc. My 710M is an absolute dream to drive now -- I simply cannot understand why I didn't have it sooner. Jack, North Carolina
OMFG! This is not a paid endorsement, but OMFG !! Andre (Fat Fabrications) was in town yesterday and slammed this kit into my 78 710M. Absolutely transforms the truck. Smooth as silk, purrs like a kitten, easy on the ears, easy on the nose.... etc. etc. Insane transformation of the running performance of the truck. Andre did the install last night, and this morning I put about 50 miles on it in extremely humid, changing to very hot weather. Just fantastic. Bottom line, dig through the old sofa cushions and find all your loose change. Buy the PinzSSI. It's super sweet! Dave, Arizona
I took my Pertronix off yesterday and installed the Pinzi SSI. Big difference and I noticed much smoother response and a LOT less stumbling. Now we are going to tune up the carbs and when my gaskets get here, adjust the valves. That should make a difference. One comment is that the instructions for the SSI are crystal clear and the kit is supremely complete. It is a very fine kit and was easy to install with the pictorials. Thanks for a great product. Scott, Pennsylvania
Wow, what a great system! I have never hear a Pinz run so smooth. Many thanks for the great product and your help. Denis, Quebec
The PinzSSI kit rocks! Engine runs and sounds sooo much better now. Christopher, Arizona PinzSSI.com - ©2013